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Drupal 7.18, I use Feeds and Feed News modules that creates nodes from imported feed items. Database has grown too large, and I want to completely remove feed items, older than 4 weeks. I can manually delete all items from Feed by editing specific Feed, use "Delete items" tab, but I want to remove only items older than 4 week, and set items expiration rule. I didn't find a settings to do that.

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Aggregator module (in core, but deactivated by default) actually does that: it aggregates feed items but doesn't create new nodes.

If you need to create actual nodes to use during that 4-week period (say, in custom views), maybe you can use Rules module to automatically set published state to non-published if $today - $datepublished > 4 weeks.

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Aggregator module was disabled, but I use Feeds and Feed News modules to create nodes instead of it. I tried to enable Aggregator, but it will not affect feed items, created with Feeds and Feed News. – fxgreen Jan 27 '13 at 17:46

Was looking for this myself and am just going to create a view that collects all the nids of articles older than 1 month and pass them to node_delete_multiple($nids) and put it in the hook_cron() of my custom module so it will run with cron. Below is the code in my hook_cron() function.

//remove old articles from site.
$old_articles = views_get_view_result('articles_to_delete');
foreach($old_articles as $article){
$num_articles = count($nids_to_delete);
if($num_articles > 0){
  watchdog('city_sync', '%num old articles were deleted in cron run.', array('%num' => $num_articles), WATCHDOG_NOTICE);
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I installed Devel module, it have Devel Generate module, in 'Generate content' menu, we can select generate different content types, and option Delete all content in given content type before generating new content. I checked this option and set new node quantity to zero. So Devel Generate module deleted all nodes (Feed items) but create no new ones.

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There is patch currently in the works that allows you to manage feed items that are removed from the feed:

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