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I want to use something similar as:

object ob;
            var props = ob.GetType().GetProperties();

            List<Element> list = new List<Element>();
            foreach (var prop in props)
                if (prop.PropertyType == typeof(String))
                else if (prop.PropertyType == typeof(int))

which adds something to the given list for every property in a given object. Now I want to add a clause for also adding enum-variables, including getting all its values by Enum.GetValues() f.e.. That would be easy for any one given enum, but I want this to be generic for every possible enum, so for example if ob would have:

enum Weather {
Weather weather = sunny;

enum Places {
Places place = beach;

I would be able to get both variables themselves AND all the values of both Enums. Of course I can't directly check typeof(Enum) or anything. Does someone have a clue?

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It's something like




if you want to use reflection directly on an enum type. The members of an enum are a kind of static fields.

But you can also use


In any case, if there's doubt, you should check if it is an enum or not first:

var typeOfOb = ob.GetType();
if (typeOfOb.IsEnum)
  // use Enum.GetValues(typeOfOb) here

Note: System.Type is the class used for both a type determined compile-time, like typeof(Weather), and a type determined run-time, like ob.GetType(). So you can use both as an argument to the GetValues(System.Type) static method.

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else if(prop.PropertyType.IsEnum)
    var values = Enum.GetValues(prop.PropertyType);
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