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tolower() not working

Here is my code:

char *ptr=&twod[j][i];

                 while (*ptr != '\0')




When I cout the above, the the uppercase letters still remain as uppercase. Can someone explain to me why?

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tolower is a function from the C standard library. Remember that in C, someFunction(variable) can never modify the variable, because C has no notion of references. –  FredOverflow Jan 27 '13 at 15:48

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You need to do this:

*ptr = tolower(*ptr);

std::tolower returns the lowercase. It does not accept the argument by reference, hence it cannot modify *ptr which you pass to it.

Read the documentation of std::tolower for detail.

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tolower doesn't modify the value, it returns a new one.

Try this:

*ptr = tolower(*ptr);
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tolower doesn't mutate its argument. Set a variable or print out the operation:

*ptr = tolower(*ptr);
std::cout << *ptr;
// or
std::cout << tolower(*ptr);
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