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I create my Node project (npm init). In this project, i want to use Node REST Client from git hub

  1. update package.json with dependency:

    ... "dependencies": { "rest-client": "*" }, ...

  2. create dir node_modules in my project

  3. Copy the rest-client into the directory 'node_modules'
  4. Run 'npm install' to install this dependency, however it doesn't. What am i doing wrong? how to properly install dependency that is not from npm central repo?

Thank You

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Are you getting any error messages? As far as I know all npm install does is download the module so placing it in your node_modules folder and adding the dependency should do it. Just include the module (require('rest-client')) in your program. – Alexander Varwijk Jan 27 '13 at 17:44 silently fails unless i manually go into the node_modules/rest-client and run 'npm install'....its okey for one module, but if i had dozen?...i must be doing something wrong. – latvian Jan 27 '13 at 18:35
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It looks like you'll have to do it manually for every module. However as the accepted answer in How to install a private NPM module without my own registry? by Mihai points out, npm knows about git:

npm install git://

furthermore, besides going into the directory and typing npm install there it is possible to specify the path as argument:

npm install path/to/somedir

There's another useful answer in How to install a private NPM module without my own registry? where you can see you can also specify a url pointing to a tarball. I suggest you take a look at that thread.

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Perfect answer. Thank you Alexander:) – latvian Feb 2 '13 at 19:02

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