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I am developing an application using struts2. I was stuck at a point, where I have 2 buttons, in a single struts2 form. I want one of the buttons, not to call the default form action bean, despite call its own Jquery modal dialog based on this button ID. Each time I click the button, its calling the form action bean. How to get rid of this?

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On form submit don't call action directly.

On clicking submit button call a JavaScript method and then inside method control the behavior.

   function doSomething() {
    alert('Form submitted!');
    //perform your expected behavior
  } */
  function fun1(){
     //perform operation
  function fun2(){
     //perform operation

<form id="formid">
    <input type="submit" value="Submit1" onclick="fun1();">
    <input type="submit" value="Submit2" onclick="fun2();">
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I have created a Jquery function for button2 using button id as a reference. This function is called upon clicking that. I have placed the below line of code in the first line of that function.


The above line of code prevents calling the default form action, i.e.., struts2 action bean.

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