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I need to call a webservice to validate some data. There is web service task in the control flow but I need to validate during the data flow. Also, the web service supports single or batch validations so it would be nice to batch a 100 items for validation at a time.

Is it best to just code all this up in a script component?

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Personally I would code in a script component. The web service stuff is kind of beyond the scope of the traditional purposes of the given SSIS components I think and if you're using SSIS 2008 I'd just write it up in C# and continue on.

Just my opnion.

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Take a look at: Regards, Pedro

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While your weblog is still online, the whitepapers are not any more. Could you place them online in some other place (as BIResort is not functioning anymore)? – vstrien Oct 5 '12 at 6:12

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