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I am having an issue trying to get an array out of JS using the sortable on some drag and drop elements. A working demo can be found at:


What I need to achieve:

  1. Drag item on image, get x,y (done)
  2. after all items have been placed, use jQuery sortable? to get array of id's with x,y coordinates.


I am not sure how to bind the sortable to the items only dropped on the image, and then get those values into an array

Here is the code so far:


$('.dragThis').bind('click', function(){
        $(this).css("border","3px solid #fff");

                            containment: $('body'),
                            drag: function(){
                                        accept: '.dragThis',
                                        over : function(){
                                        $(this).animate({'border-width' : '3px', 'border-color' : '#0f0'}, 500);


                            stop: function(){

                                    var position = $(this).position();
                                    var parentPos = $('#dropHere').offset();
                                    var xPos = position.left - parentPos.left;
                                    var yPos = -;
                                    var finalOffset = $(this).position();
                                    var finalxPos = xPos;
                                    var finalyPos = yPos;
                                    $('#finalX').text('Final X: ' + finalxPos);
                                    $('#finalY').text('Final Y: ' + finalyPos);
                                    console.log (finalxPos,finalyPos,$(this).attr("id"));
                            revert: 'invalid'
                            //connectToSortable: '#dropHere'



Any help getting pointed in the right direction, is greatly appreciated. Just to clarify, I will be writing the values via AJAX to a DB for recall later.

Thanks in advance

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Simple solution:

  1. Add a class for those elements on their own 'drop' event, then get all of those have classes with a selector.

  2. After that, a handy $.fn.each() and $.fn.offset() will help.

  3. You can then work on those coordinates with top, left instead of your mentioned xpos, ypos.

Here is an example:

var coordinates = {};

$(".dropped").each(function(item) {
    coordinates[$(item).attr("id")] = $(item).offset();
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I added the addclass on the drop event, works. I attached a get coords function on a link to run the function, but I get undefined in the console.log...code is at example link above. – Jjames Jan 27 '13 at 18:10
I ended up doing the following: – Jjames Jan 27 '13 at 19:58
var obj = { id : $(this).attr("id"), x : xPos, y : yPos }; arr.push(obj); }); – Jjames Jan 27 '13 at 19:59

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