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How can I watch a file system directory to see when files are added to it?

I am creating a console app in c# which one of its functionality is to scan a fix folder path(example c:\FixedFolderA) say every minute and check if a new folders has been created(Example c:\FixedFolderA\NewFolderB).

So several folders will be created under c:\FixedFolderA.

The new folders will have no subdirectories, just files which I will copy to other locations.

I am not sure of the most efficient design to do this and need your help.

I was thinking of this workflow:

  1. Scan c:\FixedFolderA at the start of the program.
  2. Store all the sub directories in a list.
  3. Create a worker process that scans c:\FixedFolderA and check to see if that sub-directory exists in the list. If the directory doesn't exist perform some action.

My concern is that the umber of sub-directories in c:\FixedFolderA will increase overtime and the program would be traversing all these directories every minute.

Should the routine to check every minute be done with a process?

Can someone please share your ideas with the best design to get me started ?

Thanks .

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Put the scan in a Thread and it should work smoothly. Although I don't know what exactly your question is. –  Janes Abou Chleih Jan 27 '13 at 17:47
You might want to check out FileSystemWatcher. –  poke Jan 27 '13 at 17:49
Yes this would be a duplicate . I think filesystemwatcher is my solution –  user1526912 Jan 27 '13 at 18:16

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If you plan to watch a folder for changes, use the FileSystemWatcher class.

Also, if this console application performs a specific task on its own, perhaps it is best to turn it into a Windows Service.

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It's almost always better to be notified when an event occurs rather than having to query periodically.

For the context you're describing you can very easily use the FileSystemWatcher class to specify what kind of files you want to be notified about and in which directory you wish to monitor. I put together the following code for you:

FileSystemWatcher fileWatcher = new FileSystemWatcher("C:\\Users\\ByteBlast\\Desktop", "*.*")
    EnableRaisingEvents = true, 
    IncludeSubdirectories = true,
    NotifyFilter =  NotifyFilters.DirectoryName

fileWatcher.Created += (sender, eventArgs) => Console.WriteLine("{0} Created", eventArgs.FullPath);

Where I specify the path to my desktop, you will specify for example, C:\FixedFolderA.

You can make sure that you are notified about changes in sub directories by enabling the IncludeSubDirectories property like I did above.

Because you're only interested in folders and not files I set the NotifyFilter property to NotifyFilters.DirectroyName.

Place the code above in your Console Application's void Main() and ensure you stop the console from closing by for example including the following statement beneath the code above Process.GetCurrentProcess().WaitForExit();.

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Rather than scanning the directory every minute, you should take a close look at File System Watcher. This will tell you when a change has been made to the directory structure - thus it will be far more efficient. Your program just has to keep track for what changes have been made.

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