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I am looking to code a website using a single page scrolling mechanism (using JQuery) in the standard way (so all pages are effectively on one page and you just scroll down to access the different pages/scroll to the correct section when clicking on the menu options). This is obviously not good for SEO and I wanted to see whether people thought my alternative solution would work/would have any problems?

I don't see any reason (albeit a bit roundabout!) not to create all pages as you would normally as separate PHP pages. You then use JS to inject the additional pages after the initial page has loaded so that it is then scrollable and they exist within DOM (albeit with some changes in the scroll height). This means that the initial page view (which Google etc would see) would be individual pages as normal but would allow full scrolling. The main menu links would link to the actual static pages but JS would be used to rewrite these to scroll to the correct section. This means for non JS browsers you also get a fully functioning website with separate pages as normal.

Obviously this is very JS heavy which isn't ideal but equally if the additional page content isn't too much and it all happens after page load then it doesn't seem entirely unfeasible and would allow you to use SEO on the site in the same way you would with a normal website. I can't see Google etc would have a problem with this as whilst you are sort of serving up different content to the SEs and the users it is effectively the same?

Would be great to hear if people think this would work or if it's unviable for some reason?



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