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I want an array where each field in the array contains a color code

array(0 => '#4CFF00', 1 => '#FFE97F')

And I want this to go through the whole spectrum of colors starting from green to black.

green-> blue -> dark blue -> purple -> yellow -> orange -> red -> brown ->black

This order doesn't need to be exactly the same, but I think you get the picture. Can anybody help with this? Is there a website that has done this before?

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there's an awful lot of colours in the spectrum from from green to black. Do you want them all or just the ones you've listed? –  Glen Sep 21 '09 at 15:27
You know those color charts where it looks like a rainbow and the colors smoothly transition from one shade to another? I think that is what he wants, but he wants to generate it in an array. –  John Bubriski Sep 21 '09 at 15:34
from green to black? your #FFE97F is white … #4CFF00 is green though. so what’s up with the black? wrong code example? or wrong understanding on my side? –  knittl Sep 22 '09 at 7:42

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You should use a colour model like Hue-Saturation-Value (HSV), and cycle the hue from 0 degrees all the way around the spectrum to 360 degrees, at which whatever saturation and value suited you. (If you want to go from green->green, just start at 120 degrees)

Here's an illustration which shows the difference between RGB and HSV based gradients: the top gradient is just going from green to red in an RGB model, but the lower one uses HSV, resulting in a more pleasing effect.

alt text

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function dechexpad($i){
if($i<16) $s="0";
return $s;
function hexcolor($r,$g,$b){
return "#".dechexpad($r%255).dechexpad($g%255).dechexpad($b%255);

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00FF00 is Green 000000 is Black. all you have to do it increment one color at a time while decrementing the other colors. Stick it in a loop, where it be php, javascript or whatever and go.

EDIT: Here is a link to code that shows how to loop through Hex color codes.

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You need some color schemes? I think it depends on the color scheme of the rest of your page. You can google "Color scheme generators" and you can find at least 10. Examples provided by @edg and @santiiiii above.

If you have a photo, there is a tool which can get colors from the photo to fit your site.

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Look at hexdec, dechex and this snippet:

for ($i = 0; $i < 255; $i++) {
    # here happens some colour-magic


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if // here happens some *** magic was the answer to everything, the world would be a better place -.- –  knittl Sep 22 '09 at 7:44
Yep, because that would mean, that people wanting to accomplish some task would google "hex color code" and try and learn themselves instead of just asking as the first option. –  Boldewyn Sep 22 '09 at 8:17
function list_colours($start, $end, $steps = 5)
    $ret = array();

    $start_r = hexdec(substr($start, 1, 2));
    $start_g = hexdec(substr($start, 3, 2));
    $start_b = hexdec(substr($start, 5, 2));
    $end_r = hexdec(substr($end, 1, 2));
    $end_g = hexdec(substr($end, 3, 2));
    $end_b = hexdec(substr($end, 5, 2));

    $shift_r = ($end_r - $start_r) / $steps;
    $shift_g = ($end_r - $start_r) / $steps;
    $shift_b = ($end_r - $start_r) / $steps;

    for ($i = 0; $i < $steps; $i++)
    { $ret[] = "#".dechex($start_r + i * $shift_r).dechex($start_g + i * $shift_g).dechex($start_b + i * $shift_b); }

    return $ret;

$spectrum = array();
array_push($spectrum, "#00FF00", "#0000FF"); // green to blue
array_push($spectrum, "#0000FF", "#000066"); // blue to dark blue
// etc...

Disclaimer: not tested in the least.

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I guess if you need all of those colors you could build the 16776960 element array as follows:

    $end = 'FFFFFF';

    $arrMassiveColor = array();

    for($curr = 0; $curr <= dechex($end); $curr++) {
        $arrMassiveColor[] = '#'.hexdec($curr);

It seems a bit odd though...

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I recommend writing a function to do this. If you need to go between multiple colors, just call it multiple times and concatenate the arrays.

Psuedocode: `colorRange(arrayReference, startColor, endColor, numSteps)`

Get {R, G, B} startColor and endColor
Get R_diff, G_diff, and B_diff

for i in 0 to numSteps {
          i => {min(startR, endR) + (R_diff * (i / numSteps)),
                min(startG, endG) + (G_diff * (i / numSteps)),
                min(startB, endB) + (B_diff * (i / numSteps))}
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I stumbled upon this question - and surprisingly I could not find an actual solution for this on the web (I did not try hard). Performance is besides the point here - this is not what you would want to do - this is just an exercise - but if you actually wanted to iterate over all hex colors - here is how you could do it:

for($i = 0; $i <= 16777215; $i++) {
    echo sprintf('%06s', dechex($i));

Of course this question is old and answered, but thought I would share this anyway.

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