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Attempt by security transparent method 'DoTurn.OpenMap()' to access security critical method 'Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileSystem.FileOpen(Int32, System.String, Microsoft.VisualBasic.OpenMode, Microsoft.VisualBasic.OpenAccess, Microsoft.VisualBasic.OpenShare, Int32)' failed.

I’m working in asp.net 4.0 using visual basic. The program needs the ability to upload and download files from/to the users computer. When I was testing this on my local machine, it was working. Since then, I've uploaded the program to a web server and I’m using Godaddy as host. It's my current understanding that this is a security issue and I assume that the easiest way to fix this is to make the FileOpen method SecuritySafeCritical. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to do this, and would appreciate help with both the syntax and where the code needs to be placed.

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You need to go to your server and declare what directory have permission for write. –  Aristos Jan 27 '13 at 19:14
The folder is marked for read/write and the error still occurs. –  Tim Jan 28 '13 at 13:11

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