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How can I save this cell

    data = cell([3 2]);
    data{1,1} = 'Bla';
    data{2,1} = 'Bla1';
    data{3,1} = 'Bla2';
    data{1,2} = '2';
    data{2,2} = '3';
    data{3,2} = '1'

to a csv file?

I tried


but it give this error message:

Error using dlmwrite (line 118)
The input cell array cannot be converted to a matrix.
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I just tried this, and it worked:

filename = 'test';

with cell2csv available as

function cell2csv(filename,cellArray,delimiter)
% Writes cell array content into a *.csv file.
% CELL2CSV(filename,cellArray,delimiter)
% filename      = Name of the file to save. [ i.e. 'text.csv' ]
% cellarray    = Name of the Cell Array where the data is in
% delimiter = seperating sign, normally:',' (default)
% by Sylvain Fiedler, KA, 2004
% modified by Rob Kohr, Rutgers, 2005 - changed to english and fixed delimiter
if nargin<3
    delimiter = ',';

datei = fopen(filename,'w');
for z=1:size(cellArray,1)
    for s=1:size(cellArray,2)

        var = eval(['cellArray{z,s}']);

        if size(var,1) == 0
            var = '';

        if isnumeric(var) == 1
            var = num2str(var);


        if s ~= size(cellArray,2)

I copied the code cause I am not aware if the function is any longer available on MathWorks File Exchange. But Google should help too.

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I edited the answer, now it should be closer to the target. – fpe Jan 27 '13 at 19:44
Perfect! Thanks!! – Rcoster Jan 27 '13 at 20:37

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