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I've got a scroll path event occurring when I reach this point in the site's destination. As you can see from the following code, when a user travels to this specific point, "my work," the div "#mywork" fades in, (as it's css is originally set to display:hidden.)

path.lineTo( 3220, 4600,{
callback: function() {
    $("#mywork").fadeIn(2000, "linear");}, name: "mywork"});

I would like the "#mywork" div to fade out whenever the user leaves this point (i.e. scrolls away from it, and/or clicks on a different navigation link.) If the user returns, I would like for the div to fade back into view as it normally would.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance if you can find the time to help me.

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I think this library can help you out. You'd use it in place of path.lineTo.


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Thanks. For a newbie such as myself, would you care to help explain how I could apply scrollMonitor to fading in/out my div upon enter/exit? –  James Barracca Jan 27 '13 at 21:27
Include the scrollMonitor javascript file then you can use the example in the readme (without the first line) almost verbatim. –  sakabako Jan 28 '13 at 0:55

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