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I am new to using git, and so apologize I'm missing something that should be obvious from the git book.

I would like to view the source code of a project after a git clone, but all git-clone does is download a .pack files in ./objects/pack. How do you extract a .pack into the source code files?

What is the output path of git unpack-objects?

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Have you tried checking out a branch to the working directory? –  PinnyM Jan 27 '13 at 19:49

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Unless your upstream repo (the one you are cloning) is empty, you should see the content of its default branch (usually master, unless its symbolic-ref has set to point to am empty branch) in your working tree:

 git clone url/repoA
 cd repoA
 git branch # to see in which branch you are

Only git clone --bare would generate an empty working tree (since it would only create a git directory repoA.git, and no working tree at all).

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you might also try this to start a new 'develop' branch off the master:

git checkout develop
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