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I was testing modules for a webapp using dojo 1.8. And it uses many modules. Everything works like a charm but slowly when I use the version not builded. When I do the same thing with the version I builded using http://build.dojotoolkit.org/ I get an error:

01-27 17:12:49.744: E/browser(10771): Console: Error: scriptError 

This problem occurs only on Android 2.2 Browser version. Well, I just tested on it and the version 4.0 and on my iPhone. On desktop browser there is no problem.

Also I see that if I take out those lines:


it doesnt show that error again...

I could use this without the build version but I want to wrap in Phonegap and it doesnt work if I dont do this.

You can find the app test working in http://blog.arthurmolina.com/dojotest/

So, what to do?

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I'm not sure, but I suspect you might be running into the problem of Android not accepting resources starting with underscore. The two modules you are mentionning have dependencies into _TimePickerMixin which might create the problem. The problem would be solved by doing a build of your application that includes _TimePickerMixin to remove the need for the underscore files. See: https://dojotoolkit.org/reference-guide/1.9/dojox/mobile/faq.html#id3 (the build you did might have ignored that file for one reason?)

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