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Given the following html code:

<body onload="loadSett()">
<form id="settingsForm" name="settingsForm">
    <select name="Sound" id="Sound">
        <option value="0">Off</option>
        <option value="1">On</option>

    <select name="Vibration" id="Vibration">
        <option value="0">Off</option>
        <option value="1">On</option>

I have the following javascript:

var getSound;
var getVibra;

function loadSett() {
    var form = $("#settingsForm");
    getSound = localStorage.getItem("sound");
    getVibra = localStorage.getItem("vibra");

    if(getSound != undefined && getVibra != undefined) {
        if(getSound == "1"){
            document.getElementById('Sound').options[1].selected = true;
        if(getVibra == "1"){
            document.getElementById('Vibration').options[1].selected = true;
    } else { alert("Empty"); }

Problem: Why the the option of select tag is not selected on load the page according the value stored in localStorage? Thanks in advance

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There is nothing wrong with the basics of your code. Maybe check the console output for errors, etc.

Here is a jsbin version of your code that works as expected:

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i've checked the localstorage, it has values 0 for "sound" and 1 for "vibra"... but on load the page both are "off" that is 0 –  Dozent Jan 27 '13 at 22:55

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