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I have a regular class Something that basically just holds some fields. I need to make an SQLAlchemy model SomethingModel (in the ORM) that represents a Something-like object, with a couple extra fields (primary key, for example). What's the best way to do this?

So far, I've thought of having SomethingModel inherit from Something, but then I'm using multiple inheritance which I've heard is bad (SomethingModel would be inheriting from Something and SQLAlchemy's Base). I also thought that I could simply call Something.__init__ from within SomethingModel.__init__ - would that be better?

I am aware that I'll still need SQLAlchemy's column fields for the fields of Something that I want to save in SomethingModel. This also seems to make things a bit messier.

What's the "best" way to accomplish this?

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Use classical mapping for your class

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