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I need to convert StructureMap code to Ninject (to support my hosting provider because they only support Applications operating under a Medium trust). basic register that i have in StructureMap is:

ObjectFactory.Initialize(x =>
     .Use(() =>
        var constr = ConfigurationManager
        var conn = new SqlConnection(constr);        
        return conn;

    x.Scan(sc =>
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What have you tried? – mipe34 Jan 28 '13 at 10:27
I figured out that X.For<I>.Use<C> can be converter into Ninject Bind<I>().To<C>(); but my problem now is for IDBConnection and also fillAll properties – Florim Maxhuni Jan 29 '13 at 7:46
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It will look similar to this:

// IDbConnection binding
Bind<IDbConnection>().ToMethod(x => {
                          var constr = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["conn"].ConnectionString;
                          var conn = new SqlConnection(constr);
                          return conn;})

// ommited fill all properties of type

Bind<ICurrent>().To<Current>(); // .InRequestScope() - just suggestion

// for this: Ninject.Extensions.Conventions has to be referenced
Bind(x=> x.From("Space360.DB")
       // .Configure(b => b.InRequestScope())

I'm afraid that there is currently no built in version of method similar to FillAllPropertiesOfType in Ninject. You will have to mark all your dependent properties with [Inject] attribute (but it will tie your classes to Ninject.Core) or you can try the approach described in this article:

Ninject 3.0 Property Injection Without [Inject] Attribute

Basically it creates Ninject component, implementaion of IInjectionHeuristic, which is wired up to ninject kernel so it knows how to interpret the heuristic. The rules for injection in ShouldInject method are:

  1. The property is a public, writeable property on a class being generated by Ninject
  2. It is located in an assembly that we personally care about
  3. IT can be resolved

For the last line from my example you will need to use ninject.extensions.conventions

Note, tha there is also ninject.extensions.logging for implicit injection of logger (currently is supported Log4Net and NLog).

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