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I have an iPhone app with a UITextView. I'd like to be able to paste the clipboard contents into it without showing the UIMenuController.

I tried calling the paste: method on the UITextView, and on the first responder, but neither of those things worked.

I was able to implement this by writing a bunch of code to read text from the clipboard, insert it in the UITextView's text property, and update the selection range. I also added support for undo/redo. But it seems like there ought to be an easier way. Is there?

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3 Answers

Did you try making the UITextView the first responder?

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Yes, did that, and keyboard was visible. –  Kristopher Johnson Jan 22 '10 at 19:50
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I checked out the headers to the UITextView object, but I couldn't find any documented method called -paste; also, looking over the NSPasteboard class suggests to me that programatically setting your text was the right way to go.

If pasting text is important to your app, I would consider setting up a class to handle it; maybe even make it a singleton if it was important enough.

Good luck!

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Did you try paste with nil sender?

[theTextView paste:nil];

as per UIResponder docs

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