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So I'm working on a service that calls a subreddit and requests the hottest articles in JSON. Now Reddit likes that anyone using the reddit API modifies their User-Agent Header to be descriptive (here's a link on the format).

So using Node.JS and the Request plugin, I wrote something like this

var subreddit = 'somesupercoolsubreddit';
var stories = '5';
var options ={
    url : url.parse(REDDIT_URL+"/r/"+subreddit+"/hot.json"+"?"+"limit="+stories),
    headers : {'User-Agent' :  'Super Cool Reddit Service for Local Widgets! by /u/mrkaiser'}, 
    json: true

But how do I know this worked? Is there some way to know if request header actually got populated or if Reddit got the right User-Agent?

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Create another node script that waits for connections and outputs the headers. Change your reddit script to temporarily call the new script and verify the headers.

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Is there a way to do this in the same node.js script? – cch Jul 29 '15 at 18:01

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