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I'm used to VIM and usually I split screen with and open another file, yank the text into the second one. However I'm dealing with a legacy server which only has vi, how could I either open multiple files with it if it doesn't support split views or copy text from one file to another ( 2 separate vim instances I guess ).

I don't think this server has 'screen' enabled and I have limited access so I can't just go installing things.

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open one file in Vi, yank text, then use

:e another_file

to open another file, and paste.

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wow, how silly of me. I got too used to split view that I just forgot about everything else.. soo obvious.. thank you :) –  meder Sep 21 '09 at 16:16

Assuming you are already inside a file where you have to paste text.

  • :w (first save the current content)
  • :e file2
  • goto location and yank (say yy)
  • :b 1 (goto buffer 1, i.e. return back to original file)
  • goto location and paste (p)
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