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I am using Mayavi in a python script. All works fine except that I am unable to change the size and position of my colorbar.

I generated the colorbar like this:

    colorbar = mlab.colorbar(title='Frequency', orientation='vertical', label_fmt = '%.1f')

What do I do to change its size and move it to a different position in the scene? I have been at this for days and have been unable to get anything to work.

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You can adjust the position like this :

colorbar.scalar_bar_representation.position = [0.1, 0.9]
colorbar.scalar_bar_representation.position2 = [0.8, 0.05]



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This might not be the cleanest solution, but try


After doing that I was able to drag a bar around the screen and resize it. If you want to do some more polished things, look at some of the attributes in scalar_bar_representation (reading the source here would probably be very helpful).

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