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I am currently working on a Ruby-on-Rails web-application that accepts PayPal payments through PayPal's Express Checkout and ActiveMerchant. I have done several research on ActiveMerchant's support for determining if a customer/buyer has paid using either a verified or unverified PayPal account but I got no luck on finding a helpful guide.

I find it also that ActiveMerchant is currently not well-documented so it's not that helpful at all.

Below are the relevant codes that my project is currently using. On PaymentsController#purchase, I temporarily used the #params['protection_eligibility'] and the #params['protection_eligibility_type'] methods of the ActiveMerchant::Billing::PaypalExpressResponse object that is returned by the EXPRESS_GATEWAY.purchase method call, to assess if a PayPal customer/buyer has a verified/unverified PayPal account. Later I found out that this is not a reliable basis for knowing the customer's account status.

I hope somebody can give me a wisdom on knowing whether a PayPal customer/buyer has a verified/unverified account using Ruby-on-Rails' ActiveMerchant or using other alternatives on Rails.

# config/environments/development.rb
config.after_initialize do
  ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base.mode = :test
  paypal_options = {
      # credentials removed for this StackOverflow question
      :login => "",
      :password => "",
      :signature => ""
  ::EXPRESS_GATEWAY = ActiveMerchant::Billing::PaypalExpressGateway.new(paypal_options)

# app/models/payment.rb
class Payment < ActiveRecord::Base
  # ...
      # prices in cents(US)
      1  =>  75_00,
      4  => 200_00,
      12 => 550_00
  STATUSES  = ["pending", "complete", "failed"]
  TYPES     = ["paypal", "paypal-verified", "paypal-unverified", "wiretransfer", "creditcard"]
  # ...

# app/controllers/payments_controller.rb
class PaymentsController < ApplicationController
  # ...
  def checkout
    session[:credits_qty] = params[:credit_qty].to_i

    total_as_cents = Payment::PAYPAL_CREDIT_TO_PRICE[session[:credits_qty]]
    setup_purchase_params = {
        :allow_guest_checkout => true,
        :ip => request.remote_ip,
        :return_url => url_for(:action => 'purchase', :only_path => false),
        :cancel_return_url => url_for(:controller => 'payments', :action => 'new', :only_path => false),
        :items => [{
                       :name => pluralize(session[:credits_qty], "Credit"),
                       :number => 1,
                       :quantity => 1,
                       :amount => Payment::PAYPAL_CREDIT_TO_PRICE[session[:credits_qty]]

    setup_response = EXPRESS_GATEWAY.setup_purchase(total_as_cents, setup_purchase_params)
    redirect_to EXPRESS_GATEWAY.redirect_url_for(setup_response.token)

  def purchase
    if params[:token].nil? or params[:PayerID].nil?
      redirect_to new_payment_url, :notice => I18n.t('flash.payment.paypal.error')

    total_as_cents = Payment::PAYPAL_CREDIT_TO_PRICE[session[:credits_qty]]
    purchase_params = {
        :ip => request.remote_ip,
        :token => params[:token],
        :payer_id => params[:PayerID],
        :items =>  [{
                        :name => pluralize(session[:credits_qty], "Credit"),
                        :number => 1,
                        :quantity => 1,
                        :amount => Payment::PAYPAL_CREDIT_TO_PRICE[session[:credits_qty]]

    purchase = EXPRESS_GATEWAY.purchase total_as_cents, purchase_params
    if purchase.success?
      payment = current_user.payments.new
      payment.paypal_params = params
      payment.credits = session[:credits_qty]
      payment.amount  = Payment::PAYPAL_CREDIT_TO_PRICE[session[:credits_qty]]
      payment.currency = "USD"
      payment.status = "complete"
      if(purchase.params["receipt_id"] && (purchase.params["success_page_redirect_requested"] == "true"))
        payment.payment_type = "creditcard"
        if purchase.params['protection_eligibility'] == 'Eligible' && purchase.params['protection_eligibility_type'] == 'ItemNotReceivedEligible,UnauthorizedPaymentEligible'
          payment.payment_type = 'paypal-verified'
          payment.payment_type = 'paypal-unverified'
      payment.ip_address = request.remote_ip.to_s


      notice = I18n.t('flash.payment.status.thanks')
      redirect_to profile_url, :notice => notice
      notice = I18n.t('flash.payment.status.failed', :message => purchase.message)
      redirect_to new_payment_url, :notice => notice
  # ...
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What exactly is your question? –  Beerlington Jan 28 '13 at 1:39
Hello Beerlington, my question is, does ActiveMerchant has a functionality for indicating that a PayPal Express Checout payment is done by an verified/unverified PayPal account? –  ebcagadas Jan 28 '13 at 1:53

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I used PayPal's paypal-sdk-merchant gem to do the job ActiveMerchant wasn't able to help me with (getting the status of a payer's account: verified/unverified PayPal account. I followed the installation of paypal-sdk-merchant on https://github.com/paypal/merchant-sdk-ruby

  • gem 'paypal-sdk-merchant'
  • bundle install
  • rails generate paypal:sdk:install

Then I set-up their samples https://github.com/paypal/merchant-sdk-ruby#samples. After setting-up the samples, go to /samples of your Rails app and you will find a lot of code generator for what ever function you need from PayPal's API. Don't forget to configure your config/paypal.yml. I configured the username, password and signature (can be obtained from your PayPal sandbox specifically your test seller account) and removed the app_id in my case.

I obtained the following code for getting a PayPal payer's account status (verified/unverified) using PayPal's samples (/samples) and placed it on a class method of a model in my app:

def self.get_paypal_payer_status(transaction_id)
  require 'paypal-sdk-merchant'
  api = PayPal::SDK::Merchant::API.new

  get_transaction_details = api.build_get_transaction_details({
    :Version => "94.0",
    :TransactionID => transaction_id
  get_transaction_details_response = api.get_transaction_details(get_transaction_details)

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I'm not familiar with ActiveMerchant so I can't tell you specific to that, but with any Express Checkout implementation you can use GetExpressCheckoutDetails to obtain the payers information which will include a PAYERSTATUS parameter with a value of "verified" or "unverified".

It's an optional call, but I would assume ActiveMerchant is probably including it so you just need to track that down and pull that parameter accordingly.

Alternatively, you can use Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to receive transaction information and you will get back a payer_status parameter here as well.

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Hello Andrew, your answer have lead me to dig more on PayPal's Developer page and there I found their so-called New PayPal SDKs and from there, I learned about PayPal's paypal-sdk-merchant gem which had helped do the job that ActiveMerchant was not able to help me. Thanks for your lead! –  ebcagadas Mar 1 '13 at 20:49

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