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I'm trying to connect to the a provider website which has a soap based API. I'm new to C# so I am not really sure how to do it. I've been googling around like mad but I am getting nothing but errors. Here is what I've done.

I've added the URL (ex:http://www.companysite.com/api/api.cfc?wsdl) as a web service inside my .net solution and gave it a namespace of CompanyAPI.

If i right click on the service reference inside the solution explorer window, then go to object explorer. I can see all of the available methods.

When i try to instantiate it is when I get errors like cannot instantiate an instance of abstract class.

'CompanyApi.Api MBApi = new MyApp.CompanyApi.Api();'

I have no clue what i am doing wrong. Thanks in advance for any help.

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When you add a Service Reference in Visual Studio, it creates an interface to represent the service contract and a client class which implements the interface. You are probably attempting to create an instance of the interface directly, which is not allowed; you should create an instance of the client. The client should be named something like ApiClient, in which case you can do the following:

CompanyApi.ApiClient MBApi = new MyApp.CompanyApi.ApiClient();
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Awesome Thank you. – joeb Jan 28 '13 at 3:34

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