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I am trying to put html in the bootstrap popover and the content shows nicely but when I click on my links inside the popover it just goes to the parent 'OpenRecent' method on the anchor tag that triggers the popover. You can see below in the data-content html the different ways I try to call the function I want. How can I achieve this?

<ul id="RecentSearches" class="nav nav-tabs nav-stacked well" data-bind="foreach: CurrentItems">
                <input type="checkbox" class="checkbox inline" data-bind="value: $data.TransId,
                                                                          checked: $root.ItemsSelected"/>
                <a href="#"
                   data-bind="text: $data.Description + '-' + $data.County,
                                id: $data.TransId,
                                'data-title': $data.Description
                              click: $root.OpenRecent"
                   data-content="<a data-bind='click: $parent.Print.bind($data)'>Print</a> |
                                 <a data-bind='click: app.RecentSearches.Print.bind($data)'>Print 2</a>
                                 <a data-bind='click: $parent.Email'>Email</a> |
                                 <a data-bind='click: $parent.SaveToPDF'>PDF</a> |
                                 <a data-bind='click: $parent.SavetToCSV'>CSV</a>">
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The HTML is your data-content will not have been bound by Knockout, as it was added dynamically later.

One option is to add a way to identify the links (class) and then use an unobstrusive approach to adding an event handler.

$("ul").on("click", ".print", function(event) {
     var context = ko.contextFor(this);

I am not sure why your OpenRecent function is getting called. It appears to me that bootstrap creates the popover outside of the element that it is triggered on. So, this would not be a parent of the popover. If you are still having an issue with that part, then maybe you could get it working in jsFiddle.

Here is a fiddle with the unobtrusive handler:

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This seems to get the context correctly. I will attempt you use it and if it works well for me I will mark this as correct answer. I would still like to see if anyone else has some better html only logic versus using javascript though. Thanks – kyleb Jan 28 '13 at 3:51
The main issue is that the content is not bound, so normal data-binds on them won't work. One other thought would be to use my plugin here: to do delegated event handling. It would look like: – RP Niemeyer Jan 28 '13 at 4:08
Yea that is a little cleaner. Just a lot of code to load compared to the other way you gave me, but I guess it depends how often I need to use this logic in other parts of my website. I guess I will experiment and see how things work out for me. – kyleb Jan 28 '13 at 4:42

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