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the deleteDatabase method needs a context in order to work. So in my class there is a context declared called ourContext. This class does not extend any other class like Activity so I guess you could call it a helper class.

The only place in the class that uses context is the one method shown below that is called deleteData. and this calls the deleteDatabase method that needs a context to work.


Is it possible to not declare a context for the class in this situation? and can I use "this" for the context?

public class PlayGame {

private DbHelper ourHelper;
private final Context ourContext;
private SQLiteDatabase ourDatabase;

 public PlayGame(Context c){
    ourContext = c;

 public void deleteData(){
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No, Context is a class, you have to be derived from it to use this as a context. I suggest making deleteData take a Context as a parameter. I assume its going to be called from an Activity, Service, or something like a view that has a reference to a Context.

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