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I am working on a game and would like to place a list of scores in one file, and a hash of it in another (I understand were this sensitive data, this would be a terrible way to do it). However, my data when i hash is not equal to the hash in file, even though I did not modify it. Here is my code:

def get_scores(self):
        f = open('assets/scores.dat', 'rb')
        scrList = cPickle.load(f)
        m = hashlib.md5()
        for v in scrList:
        scrHash = m.hexdigest()
        f = open('assets/scores.hdat', 'rb')
        fileHash = cPickle.load(f)
        if scrHash == fileHash:
            print "Unmodified"
            print "Modified"
        return scrList
        return []

def write_scores(self):
    scrs = self.get_scores()
    for s in self.scores:
    scrs = scrs[:5]
    f = open('assets/scores.dat', 'wb')
    cPickle.dump(scrs, f)
    m = hashlib.md5()
    for v in scrs:
    hash_scrs = m.hexdigest()
    f = open('assets/scores.hdat', 'wb')
    cPickle.dump(hash_scrs, f)

When I make an example in the interpreter, I get true but with this method I keep getting false. Thank you for any help.

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you have an extra 'h' in f = open('assets/scores.hdat', 'rb'). Also, there's no need to un/pickle the hash, you can write the string directly to the file – goncalopp Jan 28 '13 at 2:43
That is the file containing the hash of the scores.dat file. – BigFerdes Jan 28 '13 at 2:44
oh, right, sorry – goncalopp Jan 28 '13 at 2:45
The methods seem to be working correctly. See here. You may want to create a calculate_scores_hash(scores) function to make the process more clear – goncalopp Jan 28 '13 at 2:50

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