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I'm just curious what the landscape looks like. I know that Chrome and FF will silently update to newer versions and I've read that MS did an auto-upgrade for folks on IE6 & 7 to IE8 and from IE8 to 9. Has Microsoft stated whether or not 9 and 10 will be pushing out regular (weekly/monthly) silent updates or is it going to be similar to what they did to bump people from 6 & 7 up to 8?

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Probably more fit for superuser.com –  Jackson Jan 28 '13 at 4:30
Where did you hear that Microsoft auto-upgraded IE6/IE7 users to IE8? Old IE versions are largely used in companies that build applications integrated with specific IE versions and would break if IE just silently upgraded. –  user1610015 Jan 28 '13 at 4:34
Sorry I didn't cite a source: pcworld.com/article/246496/… –  robdodson Jan 28 '13 at 6:35

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The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are evergreen browsers, i.e. they automatically update themselves silently without prompting the user.

For Internet Explorer, most people consider this to mean IE10+. That was the first IE release after Microsoft made the announcement it sounds like you are referencing. Through Windows Update, Microsoft automatically updates users to the latest version of Internet Explorer supported by their version of windows:

  • Windows XP: IE8
  • Windows Vista: IE9
  • Windows 7: IE10

So technically, a user on Windows 7 with IE9 (provided they have a local admin account, automatic updating enabled) would be upgraded to IE10, but that doesn't make IE9 an evergreen browser; Vista users stuck with IE9 cannot upgrade. Browser stats indicate that, while IE10 is now the most popular version of IE, there are still a chunk of users stuck on IE8, likely because some IT administrators still don't feel like upgrading away from Windows XP for some reason incomprehensible to me.

Regardless, we are now most definitely in a new age of the web, where developers don't have to worry about supporting ancient browsers and can actually use the new features coming to the web platform. For what it's worth, I drew a line in the sand with our new web application at Intel to only support evergreen browsers, and it makes me very happy to say so, having gone through the dark ages of supporting oldIE myself.

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I would not consider IE9 as an evergreen browser, there's too much standing in the way of updates. I am not able to update because i am missing a service pack or something, which i am unable to install. I'm stuck on IE9. Even if i try to manually install IE10+ it complains about the missing service pack. –  qwerty May 19 at 7:41

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