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    click : function() {

Here I'm clearing blocks aside and section. And dynamically creating them by appending worksParser();.

        $('aside > *').remove();
        $('section > *').remove();

And here I want to call function fromAsideToSection. And send dom element $('aside').children('.workExample') just appended to block aside.

        var x = $('aside').children('.workExample');

But x return (object object), instead of (object HtmlDivElement). How I can send (object HtmlDivElement) to function?


function worksParser() {
        type : "GET",
        url : "base.xml",
        dataType : "xml",
        success : function(xml) {
            $(xml).find('siteExample').each(function() {
                var name_dump = $(this).attr('name');
                var mediaType_dump = $(this).attr('mediaType');
                var media_dump = $(this).attr('media');
                var video_dump = $(this).text();
                var description_dump = $(this).attr('description');
                var url_dump = $(this).attr('url');

                if (mediaType_dump != 'video') {
                    $('aside').append('<div class="workExample"><div class="mediaName">' + name_dump + '</div><div class="exampleMedia"><img src="' + media_dump + '" alt="" /></div><div class="descrExample" style="display: none">' + description_dump + '</div><div class="urlExample" style="display: none">' + url_dump + '</div></div><div class="separator"></div>');
                } else {
                    $('aside').append('<div class="workExample"><div class="mediaName">' + name_dump + '</div><div class="exampleMedia"><img src="' + media_dump + '" alt="" /></div><div class="descrExample" style="display: none">' + description_dump + '</div><div class="videoExample" style="display: none">' + video_dump + '</div></div><div class="separator"></div>');

function fromAsideToSection() {
    if ($(this).children('.videoExample').length > 0) {
        $('section > *').remove();
        $('section').append('<div id="mediaName" class="mediaName">' + $(this).children(".mediaName").text() + '</div><div id="mediaBlock"></div><div id="mediaMore">Описание</div><div id="mediaDescription">' + $(this).children('.descrExample').text() + '</div>');
        $('section').children('#mediaBlock').append($(this).children(".videoExample").children().clone("withDataAndEvents, deepWithDataAndEvents"));

    } else {
        $('section > *').remove();
        $('section').append('<div id="mediaName" class="mediaName">' + $(this).children(".mediaName").text() + '</div><div id="mediaBlock"><a target="_blank" style="" href="' + $(this).children('.exampleMedia').children('img').attr('src') + '"> <img src=' + $(this).children('.exampleMedia').children('img').attr('src') + ' alt="1.jpg"></a></div><div id="mediaMore">Описание</div><div id="mediaDescription">' + $(this).children('.descrExample').text() + '</div>');
    sectHeight = null;
    oldHeight = null;
    sectHeight = $('section').height();
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This sounds like a job for .get() *


simple fiddle based on your submission

Buuut, your function fromAsideToSection (which is cut-off by the way) is using $(this) so if this is an element or a jQuery object it doesn't matter -- jQuery will recognize it and $(this) will end up being essentially the same thing whether this is a jQuery object or the DOM elements. I stressed that in the fiddle.

*Not to be confused with the ajax shorthand jQuery.get() ref: api.jquery.com/jQuery.get/

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I add full function fromAsideToSection. But x.get() doesn't help –  user2017037 Jan 28 '13 at 6:29
The problem isn't x.get() as i demonstrated, but it does answer the question asked. To solve this new question we might need to see the markup. However, one red flag is that you have $('aside').children('.workExample') but just above it you have $('aside > *').remove(); If all of this is in the same script (the click handler) then x will be empty and fail the test if ($(this).children('.videoExample').length > 0) –  gillyspy Jan 28 '13 at 6:54
But after removing all I appending all back here works Parser(); And I just now try to comment removing. Problem not solved –  user2017037 Jan 28 '13 at 7:01
I just tested for $('aside').children('.workExample').length It's equal to '0'. I don't understand. Before that I appending this elements in func worksParser(); Why their length = 0? –  user2017037 Jan 28 '13 at 7:40
worksParser(); is asynchronous so it's likely appending to aside AFTER your call to fromAsideToSection. You can move the calls to fromAsideToSection to a callback for worksParser() or you can setup a deffered object to resolve when worksParser() is "done". –  gillyspy Jan 28 '13 at 8:03

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