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Right now I am sharing Kohana::Core between many sites on the same server based on this tutorial. I would like to go one step further and share everything (Controllers, Views, Models) except configs and content. Is it possible? I am using 'table_prefix' field in database config to distinguish tables for each sites. I would like to load dynamically database config base on url parameters - I think it should work.

I was thinking about changing routes to:

 Route::set('default', '(<site>(/<controller>(/<action>(/<parametr>)))))')
                   'controller' => 'mainpage',
                   'action' => 'index',

But currently I have no idea in which place and how I should check and load appropriate configs.

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There are some ways you can do this,

one way:

build a Controller_Base class put there method before()

in this method grab the <site> param by use $this->request->param('site').

now you can load the config file in switch case or by the <site> param by set the config name for each site as the <site>

now in every controller you should extends the Controller_Base put before() method and in this method use parent::before()

Hope i helped you

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I found the best and the most elegant solution. I moved my application to modules directory. It was rather easy. It was necessary to change bootstrap.php to init.php by removing everything except routing. Now I can use all controllers, models and views many times with standard multisite configuration.

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