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I have a JSON object that can be echoed to view in a browser as follows:

stdClass Object
        [webmaster] => "data"
        [analytics] => "data"
        [facebook] => "data"
        [twitter] => "data"
        [maintenance] => 1

data are other values.

I get the above output using:

    $data = json_decode($domainSpecific);

what would be a good way to convert this JSON data into 5 variables preferably with the names of the JSON values - $webmaster, $analytics, $facebook, $twitter, $maintenance?


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You mean dinamically? That's it, if you add another property to the object like... myspace it would have to create automatically a var called $myspace? – Antonio Laguna Jan 28 '13 at 6:45
yes during php execution... – Adam Jan 28 '13 at 6:46
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$data = json_decode($domainSpecific);
foreach($data as $key=>$value)
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Though I'm not sure why would you do that and I'm also not sure if this is a good way to program, here you have something that works as I've tried:

class Test {
    public $webmaster, $analytics, $facebook, $twitter, $manteinance;

$test = new Test();
$test->webmaster = 'Trololo';

$object_vars = get_object_vars($test);

foreach ($object_vars as $varname => $value) {
    $$varname = $value;

echo $webmaster; //Trololo
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$data = extract(json_decode($domainSpecific, true));
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try this php extract()

$data = json_decode($domainSpecific, TRUE);

extract($data , EXTR_PREFIX_SAME);


yes you need to do json_decode with true parameter to return as array

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