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I need a query that will be able to disinguish when a Name is "uncategorised"


|Full Name|Cat_ID|Option|
|John Doe |1     |1     |
|John Doe |2     |0     |
|John Doe |3     |0     |
|Jane Doe |1     |0     |
|Jane Doe |2     |0     |
|Jane Doe |3     |0     |

I need a query that will get Jane Doe, because no option = 1 of all the categories.
Uforunately, as all Names have a 0 at least 1 category, I'm end up extracting everyone.

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FROM    tablename
WHERE   fullname NOT IN
            SELECT  a.FullName
            FROM    tablename a
            WHERE   a.option = 1

Another way is by using LEFT JOIN

FROM    tablename aa
        LEFT JOIN
            SELECT  a.FullName
            FROM    tablename a
            WHERE   a.option = 1
        ) bb ON aa.Fullname = bb.Fullname
WHERE   bb.Fullname IS NULL

I'll prefer to use JOIN over NOT IN. For better performance, define an INDEX on column FullName.

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Thank you, all! –  Bruise Jan 28 '13 at 7:01

Here's an alternative approach.

SELECT `fullName`
FROM `your_table`
GROUP BY `fullName`
HAVING SUM(`option`)=0
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Something like this maybe? (probably not the most efficient, but should work)

SELECT full_name FROM table WHERE full_name NOT IN (SELECT full_name FROM table WHERE option=1);
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