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I have gone through so many questions regarding forever module for nodejs APP, but did not find my answer.

Forever module is working fine on a Linux box but now I am putting my APP on Windows 7 and trying to run it with forever. First i installed forever module as

npm install forever -g

after that i ran my app as

forever start app.js

it's running fine by saying file app.js is running with forever and I am accessing my app successfully.

When I execute a command forever stop app.js I get the error

no forever file is running

Please suggest me if anyone has used forever on windows that how can i stop my application on Windows.

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I suggest running your Node.js app as a service. Check out nssm.cc. There are also NPM packages for this purpose. –  Brad Aug 6 '13 at 19:57

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It is bug for windows https://github.com/nodejitsu/forever/issues/337 If you need stop app, open task manager and find node.js process and kill it. Hard but working.

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I had this same issue and found that it was because I was running forever start with sudo (on Linux) so that I could run a production site on port 80. This did the trick:

sudo forever list
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use forever list then forever stop with the id, e.g. forever stop 0

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