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I have some sort of interactive maps in my app. I have attached mouseover and mouseout handlers for each svg path. now I needed to place text over each svg path to identify the section.

All effect working fine but when user hover the text , which is laid on the path, the mouseover handler doesn't fire.

To cop this issue, I need to find out laid over text for the svg path, So I can attache same handler as the path itself.

This is my resolution towards this problem any other suggestion is also welcomed.

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If I understand you correctly you do not want the text to interfere with mouseover and mouseout handlers. Try adding style="pointer-events:none;" to the text object. Like so:

<text style="pointer-events:none;">Some Text</text>
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perfect !!! thanks for your understanding –  Rupesh Patel Jan 29 '13 at 9:13

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