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[OS: WinXP on VirtualBox, HostOS: win7]

We are developing a mini-filter driver and we are trying to block mounting of usb devices based on some conditions.

the mini-filter watches for IRP_MJ_VOLUME_MOUNT and whenever a usb drive is inserted, in the pre-callback, it asks userland whether or not to allow mount the drive using FltSendMessage. In the userland, after FltGetMessage and before FltReplyMessage, certain conditions are checked and corresponding value is replied back to the driver.

This all is working fine, but we are experiencing two problems or lets say inconveniences.

  1. The condition checking takes about 4-5 seconds [data is sent and received over network]. During this period, the Windows Explorer just hangs. And whatever the actions such as navigations, are performed as soon as FltReplyMessage is called. If I click anywhere such as the start menu, nothing happens until FltReplyMessage is called. Other applications such as VLC function normally [ie, the disk can be accessed].

  2. When the usb drive is not allowed to mount the volume, it continues to try mounting the volume several times!
    The workaround we used is to maintain a list of recently inserted devices and reject them if the GUID is present in the list. I read somewhere that the mount point can be deleted using DeleteVolumeMountPoint and if we need to allow that device in future then we need to delete a reg key which contains the unique ID of device which can be obtained sending MOUNTDEV_UNIQUE_ID to the device. We tried to achieve this, but were unsuccessful to correctly obtain the unique ID. [we were unable to allocate enough memory for the MOUNTDEV_UNIQUE_ID structure. Tried new and malloc(enough size) but then sizeof(varUniqueID) returned just 4, and calling DeviceIoControl with that resulted in "More Data is available" error. We are doing in userland. Should this be done in kernel?]

Whew! a long post!
We would really appreciate any help we can get!


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