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I need to find \ in a string.


$replacevalue = "%20";
$area = "test\abc.htm";
$valuetoreplace = "\";
$area = str_replace($valuetoreplace,$replacevalue, $area );

But it seems like the page goes into a loop or somthing if i do the same with / there are no problem please help

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add slashes to your $valuetoreplace –  Eugene Manuilov Jan 28 '13 at 7:30
The page should have died with a fatal "Parse error". –  Salman A Jan 28 '13 at 8:55

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You need to double your \s as it is an escape character for strings... So:

% php
$area = str_replace("\\","",'test\abc.htm');
echo $area."\n";

Yields... testabc.htm

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try this:

$replacevalue           =   "%20";
$area               =   "test\abc.htm";

$valuetoreplace     =   "\\";
$area               =   str_replace($valuetoreplace,$replacevalue, $area );

or another solution is in this post

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valuetoreplace should be "\\".

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Well "\" this character is an escape character so compiler refers to it as an escape not as a "\", just add another one so it will escape itself "\" and your code will work

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Change the line:

$valuetoreplace     =   "\";


$valuetoreplace     =   "\\";

Read more about escaping characters.

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'\' is a special character add a double \\ to escape it

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