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I need to plot on the same graph a 3D surface based on a scatter points data and a 2D image (.png), positioned in a determined location on the graph to compare the data from both. So far I managed to do both separately (plotting the image and making the surface).

However, when I try to bring both together on the same script, I get an error message ("Gridding of the color Column is not implemented") which occurs due to the command that creates the surface (dgrid3d) that conflicts with the image. I want to know how can I avoid this error.

thanks in advance


The scatter points are on xyz format:

-100.000000 -25.000000 -4.122210

-100.000000 -20.000000 -4.933388

-100.000000 -15.000000 -7.902138

-100.000000 -10.000000 -7.902138

and the image is a plain png.

And the script I'm using is:

set hidden3d
set samples 100
set isosamples 100
unset surface
set pm3d
set dgrid3d

 splot '444_0.dat' u 1:2:3 \
 splot 'test.png' \
 binary filetype=png flipy rotate=-90d center = (4,-25,5.7) perp=(0,1,0) with rgbimage

which doesnt work due to the error I pointed before

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Can you show the script that you're working with? Also, sample data would be nice -- It's often hard to fix these things without a test case to play with ... – mgilson Jan 28 '13 at 13:28
Also I tried to use multiplot but the result wasnt as I expected. – Ishida Jan 30 '13 at 1:52
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The error message suggests that the problem is with dgrid3d. One way that you might be able to get around that is to plot the surface to a table:

set terminal push #Save current terminal settings
set terminal unknown #dummy terminal
set table "surface.dat"
set dgrid3d
splot 'surface_points.dat' using ...
unset dgrid3d
unset table
set term pop #reset current terminal settings
set output "MyPlot.extension"

#commands to plot image and `surface.dat` together.
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