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How do we disabled buttons in javascript/jquery?

I tried:




but neither works. Right after the above I put a console.log line that works, so I know the surrounding code is fine.

The only thing that disables my button is if I hard code that it's disabled like this:

<input type='submit' id='imgupload' value='Upload' disabled=disabled />

But I need to enable and disable it dynamically on certain events so I can't use that.

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For the difference between prop() and attr() see the excellent discussion at .prop() vs .attr() –  Boaz Jan 28 '13 at 8:09

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Grab DOM element here:

$('#imgupload')[0].disabled = true;
              --^-- // DOM element

Or use prop:

$('#imgupload').prop('disabled', true);
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prop() should do

$('#imgupload').prop('disabled', true);
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You should be using prop() :

$('#imgupload').prop('disabled', true);
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