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I use ffmpeg to decode RTSP video.It likes that: When it's on the end of file,it block in the av_read_frame() for a long time,why?

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while(av_read_frame()>=0) –  yuyingsuifeng Jan 28 '13 at 8:31

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Various reasons can cause long blocking. But you can control the processing time for a I/O layer.

Use the structure AVFormatContext::interrupt_callback to set the interrupt handler.

class timeout_handler {
    timeout_handler(unsigned int t) : timeout_ms_(TimeoutMs){}

    void reset(unsigned int 0) {
      timeout_ms_ = TimeoutMs;
      lastTime_ = my_get_local_time();

    bool is_timeout(){
      const my_time_duration actualDelay = my_get_local_time() - lastTime_;
      return actualDelay > timeout_ms_;

    static int check_interrupt(void * t) {
       return t && static_cast<timeout_handler *>(t)->is_timeout();

   unsigned int timeout_ms_;
   my_time_t lastTime_;      

 /// .................
 AVFormatContext * ic;
 timeout_handler * th = new timeout_handler(kDefaultTimeout);
 /// .................
 ic->interrupt_callback.opaque = (void*)th ;
 ic->interrupt_callback.callback = &timeout_handler::check_interrupt;
 /// open input
 // avformat_open_input(ic, ... );
 // etc

 /// .................
 /// before any I/O operations, for example:
 while (AVERROR(EAGAIN) == e) 
  e = av_read_frame(ic, &packet);
 // If the time exceeds the limit, then the process interruped at the next IO operation.   
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This problem has been settled.The server send "BYE" packet,then the av_read_frame() can past now.But how to send "TeerDown" packet to the server? –  yuyingsuifeng Jan 28 '13 at 12:14
If the server send BYE packet, then the av_read_frame should return AVERROR_EOF –  pogorskiy Jan 28 '13 at 13:00
yes ,but how can I do?Is there some api that I can use? –  yuyingsuifeng Jan 28 '13 at 13:08

This problem come because av_read_frame() stuck in network infinite loop I got the same problem then I have used interrupt call back please refer the sample code

First initialize your context and set interrupt call back

 AVFormatContext *_formatCtx;

//Initialize format context

 //Initialize intrrupt callback
 AVIOInterruptCB icb={interruptCallBack,(__bridge void *)(self)};

now handle the interrupt in your callback

int interruptCallBack(void *ctx){

//once your preferred time is out you can return 1 and exit from the loop
   return 1;

return 0;

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