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I have a button that is appended on a form. The form is dynamically created at some point in the application, and the button is appended like so:

$('#imgform').append("<center><input type='submit' value='Upload' id='#imgupload' onclick='showUploadedItem()'/>");

This is my code for showUploadedItem():

function showUploadedItem () {
            // a bunch of other things to do
           console.log("the submit button ID is: " + $('#imgupload').attr('id'));

But the console.log message says the button ID is undefined, which means that at this point in the code the button doesn't even exist. I can understand that it was dynamically created and perhaps I need to bind the event, but how did it even get clicked then, and even show the console message at all?

How can I disable this button within the function? Or is it not even possible?

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maybe because you have an # in the html of the id of the button ;p –  Hussein Nazzal Jan 28 '13 at 8:35
oh my... that was silly. sigh! i spent a while on this! –  user961627 Jan 28 '13 at 8:59
happens !_! , all it takes is extra couple of eyes –  Hussein Nazzal Jan 28 '13 at 9:01

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Your html is using id="#imgupload" which does not appear legal. Although for fun I was able to get a selector this to work:


That sure looks like a mistake though and your html should simply be id="imgupload"


Also if you're using jQuery why use the inline javscript? Simply bind an event handler (see fiddle for that too).

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It is because you habve an error in the HTML, better, in the way you note the ID. The # is used to reference an ID-Name in CSS or in jQuery (#+Name). In HTML it is only the name, like this:

$('#imgform').append("<center><input type='submit' value='Upload' id='imgupload' onclick='showUploadedItem()'/>");
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You dont need to give # before id. Remove that from the code

Change like this,

$('#imgform').append("<center><input type='submit' value='Upload' id='imgupload' onclick='showUploadedItem()'/>");
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Remove # from your button id will fix that.

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