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For enterprise applications, does anyone else use Queues and Queue listeners A LOT? I feel like this has become my goto architecture for achieving asynchronous processing. I'm a little worried I'm overdoing it or adding unnecessary complexity, right now I have an application that uses 4 MSMQs and 3 windows services. The services listen on the queues and I'm thinking about adding another queue/service combination. Is this weird? I know windows services are a pain but with Spring's MSQMListener classes it's so simple to develop and test these services.

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We do alot with MSMQ's and listeners. Just make a service for every task, this will cause your architecture to keep simple and straightforward. Better split, than merge. For example: we use 3 different queues to track our statistics data, and each step has it own service and purpose.

MSMQs are perfect for doing async processing, terrific for having listeners and integrity through transactions.

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