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i have a button defined in xml i am adding animation to it (Card Flip 3D) its works fine in google nexus one but not working properly on Kindle's.

You can see a demo here Demo Card Flip Animation this is what i am trying to achive in ANDROID.

this is my code:

public class CardFlipAnimation extends Animation {
    private Camera camera;

    private View fromView;

    private View toView;

    private float centerX;

    private float centerY;

    private boolean forward = true;

    private boolean visibilitySwapped;

     * Creates a 3D flip animation between two views. If forward is true, its
     * assumed that view1 is "visible" and view2 is "gone" before the animation
     * starts. At the end of the animation, view1 will be "gone" and view2 will
     * be "visible". If forward is false, the reverse is assumed.
     * @param fromView First view in the transition.
     * @param toView Second view in the transition.
     * @param centerX The center of the views in the x-axis.
     * @param centerY The center of the views in the y-axis.
     * @param forward The direction of the animation.
    public CardFlipAnimation(View fromView, View toView, int centerX, int centerY) {
        this.fromView = fromView;
        this.toView = toView;
        this.centerX = centerX;
        this.centerY = centerY;

        setInterpolator(new AccelerateDecelerateInterpolator());

    public void reverse() {
        forward = false;
        View temp = toView;
        toView = fromView;
        fromView = temp;

    public void initialize(int width, int height, int parentWidth, int parentHeight) {
        super.initialize(width, height, parentWidth, parentHeight);
        camera = new Camera();

    protected void applyTransformation(float interpolatedTime, Transformation t) {
        // Angle around the y-axis of the rotation at the given time. It is
        // calculated both in radians and in the equivalent degrees.
        final double radians = Math.PI * interpolatedTime;
        float degrees = (float) (180.0 * radians / Math.PI);

        // Once we reach the midpoint in the animation, we need to hide the
        // source view and show the destination view. We also need to change
        // the angle by 180 degrees so that the destination does not come in
        // flipped around. This is the main problem with SDK sample, it does not
        // do this.
        if (interpolatedTime >= 0.5f) {
            degrees -= 180.f;

            if (!visibilitySwapped) {

                visibilitySwapped = true;

        if (forward)
            degrees = -degrees;

        final Matrix matrix = t.getMatrix();;
        camera.translate(0.0f, 0.0f, (float) (150.0 * Math.sin(radians)));

        matrix.preTranslate(-centerX, -centerY);
        matrix.postTranslate(centerX, centerY);

in my activity i am doing like this:

CardFlipAnimation animator = new CardFlipAnimation(button, button,
                    button.getWidth() / 2, Button.getHeight() / 2);
            if (button.getVisibility() == View.GONE) {
            layout.startAnimation(animator); // Relative layout with the button

What is wrong with code it works fine in some devices and not work in some devices.Is nit giving me the 3d effect.


This link solved my problem

Thanks to RobinHood

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what issue you facing? – RobinHood Jan 28 '13 at 9:19
@RobinHood its not giving me 3d effect on some devices – Goofy Jan 28 '13 at 9:20
Thanks a lot it solved my problem – Goofy Jan 28 '13 at 11:47

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