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I need to check that a web property exists on a SharePoint web site using Client Object Model.

SP.Web web = clientContext.Site.RootWeb;
clientContext.Load(web.AllProperties, p=> p[propertyName]);

This code fails, because there is no property with the name propertyName. How can I check, that this property exists before trying to load it?

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Site spSite = clientContext.Site;
Web spWeb = spSite.RootWeb;
clientContext.Load(spWeb, w => w.AllProperties);
var allProperties = spWeb.AllProperties;

// next line checks if property exists
if (!spWeb.AllProperties.FieldValues.ContainsKey("SiteType"))
    spWeb.AllProperties["SiteType"] = "BuildWork";
clientContext.Load(spWeb, w => w.AllProperties);
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