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We have set up a goal in GA, which should end up in /welcome.

To track this, we have added these goal funnels:

  1. "/"
  2. "/join"
  3. "/join?x="
  4. "/welcome" (Goal URL)

Sometimes the parameter x is filled, sometimes not. We're using "Head match" in Match type.

GA tracks the end goal ok, but on step 3 its always 100% conversion rate.

Heres a screenshot of the goal funnel: http://imgur.com/WYKKkk7

"Bli medlem (skjema)" is step 3.

How do we set up GA to track the third URL correctly?

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I think you should use regular expression match instead of head match as this ignores parameters at the end of the url.

Make sure to put a backslash before the question mark like so /join\?x= to prevent it from meaning something else in regex.

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