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I have fitted a linear model:

f <- lm(y ~ x)

From that I used the predict method

p <- predict(f)

But the predict method does not deliver the expected result. In the following image I have marked red the fitted range.

lines(x, y, col="red")

Blue are the predicted values

lines(x, p, col="blue")

But the predicted values does not start at the expected point. I had expected that the first y value of the predicted point starts at the same point as the first fitted value.

So now I know why this is not happen. Because I predicted the unknown y values from known x values. But how can I easily achieve that the blue line is moved down, so that you can see the blue line is associated to the red line? Thus how I know which x values are to use?

plot of fitted values and predicted values

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When you omit the newdata argument from the predict function, you use the fitted values of your model instead (see ?predict.lm). If you take the smallest x-value from your data and draw a vertical line up, you can see this, i.e.

abline(v=min(x), col=4, lty=3)
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This is clear and not exactly what I asked for. But this carry me to the conclusion that I will not adjust the x range. –  chriga Jan 30 '13 at 9:38

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