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I have gnuplot version 4.6 patchlevel 0 on Win XP 32bit. When I use splot in order to create three-dimensional plots, I encounter a problem and I would like to know if this is a bug of the new version. Let me explain the situation using a simple scenario.

set hidden
set isosamples 50
splot sin(x+y)

The function is working. However, it uses the default red color for all the parts (bottom and top) of the surface. In previous versions of gnuplot, the program used green color for the bottom and red for the top. Why this is not working in the latest version? Is this a bug?

Many thanks in advance.

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I've verified with gnuplot4.6.0 on OS-X. However, the problem isn't there on gnuplot4.6.1 on Ubuntu Linux ... –  mgilson Jan 28 '13 at 13:22

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This was a bug in the 4.6 patchlevel 0 release. According to the release notes for 4.6 patchlevel 1, it has been fixed.

  • FIX top/bottom color distinction in hidden3d when not using palette/RGB colors
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