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I know this has been asked a thousand times, but most are old, and none really answer my question so well.

We are a small(ish) team, consisting of 4 developers (Web/C++/iOS), 2 designers, 3 content writers, and 1 support. And we really are in need of some good structure to our task and product management. We are currently using Task Freak (for task management) and Mantis (for bug tracking), both of which i feel fall short of being useful.

What i am looking for is a (self-hosted) system, where i can break down everything into projects (we have a site with lots of different services), where i can track any bugs/enhancements etc with them. And also be able to log the tasks needed for the development of new and upcoming projects.

It also would be helpful if it could work as a general task management too (for example, User X needs to write an article on Y).

And the last requirement, if i haven't bored you away already, is it needs to look usable (modern?), we have a diverse team of very techy, to..well not so techy :P and will be quickly discouraged if it looks like it was designed 10 years ago.



A little more info on some stuff we use:

  • We use svn for c++ and js code (web stuff)
  • git for iOS dev
  • Team foundation server (windows 8)
  • Jenkins

And the best solution i can find so far is Jira, but the price is a little off putting after the 10 user mark, particularly when you start looking at some of the other services they provide that would be useful.

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We use YouTrack. It can be used for up to 10 people for free, think you will need to pay if you want them to host it for you.


It integrates brilliantly with TeamCity (which we also use, which is also free for up to 10 people).

Also, we have previously used Trello for project task management, free also:


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Never seen youtrack before, looking into it now, looks quite nice –  Andy Jan 28 '13 at 10:20
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I use Gemini for all of our projects and it is working very well for us:

  • SVN code review
  • TFS integration and code review
  • email ticketing which helps us a lot to manage our clients

I have used it for a while and am very happy with it.

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Have a look at Bugify. It is self-hosted (PHP), has unlimited users/projects etc, has a nice modern interface, integrates with git/svn/etc, and has an API.


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Sorry for the late response. If you are still looking you should have a look at Bugherd.com.

It is an issue tracker/project management/team collaboration tool designed to be used with developers and non-developers alike. It has a very usable interface, automatically captures relevant browser data and annotates issues directly on to the page so that developers can see the issue in-situ.

While its not as fully featured as a product like JIRA its supports the team type you have described to perfection.

*disclaimer - I work there :)

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asitrack matches most of your requirements.

It has native UI and it's focused on usability. Also, it generates detailed activity reports and has built-in real-time notifications.

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