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By default dotcloud allows me to access my node instance via HTTPS, but i should allow only the HTTPS and forward every HTTP request to HTTPS.

How should I do it on dotcloud platform?

Thanks in advance!

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dotCloud provides an additional header: x-forwarded-proto which allows you to know the proxy source.

In your code you can use req.headers['x-forwarded-proto'] ( is either 'http' or 'https' ) to know the source. When it's http you can then redirect to the https.

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It should be the same way as any other node.js application hosted elsewhere.

Have you tried the solutions in these answers?

How to force SSL / https in Express.js

Automatic HTTPS connection/redirect with node.js/express

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Works! Thanks guys!

connectApp.use(function(req, res, next){
    if( req.headers['x-forwarded-proto'] && req.headers['x-forwarded-proto'] == "http" )
        res.redirect( 'https://' + global.config.server.address );
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