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I have a table called exhibit which contains:

  • ex_id
  • ex_inv_id
  • ex_user_id
  • ex_pref_one
  • ex_pref_two
  • ex_pref_three
  • ex_pref_four
  • ex_terms_conditions
  • ex_pref_one_approved
  • ex_pref_two_approved
  • ex_pref_three_approved
  • ex_pref_four_approved

And another table called stand which contains:

  • stand_id
  • stand_no
  • stand_type

I need to put the values in a datatable now by selecting from the exhibit table where the ex_pref_one/two/three/four columns = stand_id

I tried using a join but i got an error that said the table stand does not exist I am using the codeigniter PHP framework

Here is the Code Sorry i didnt post it first

        $user_id = $this->session->userdata('user_id');
    if(!$user_id || $user_id == 0 )return 0;

    $where = array(
    return $this->db->select('
    ->join('stand AS S1', 'exhibit.ex_pref_one = S1.stand_id', 'LEFT')
    ->join('stand AS S2', 'exhibit.ex_pref_two = S2.stand_id', 'LEFT')
    ->join('stand AS S3', 'exhibit.ex_pref_three = S3.stand_id', 'LEFT')
    ->join('stand AS S4', 'exhibit.ex_pref_four = S4.stand_id', 'LEFT')

Result of $this->db->last_query();

    SELECT `exhibit`.*,
FROM (`exhibit`)
LEFT JOIN `stand` AS S1 ON `exhibit`.`ex_pref_one` = `S1`.`stand_id`
LEFT JOIN `stand` AS S2 ON `exhibit`.`ex_pref_two` = `S2`.`stand_id`
LEFT JOIN `stand` AS S3 ON `exhibit`.`ex_pref_three` = `S3`.`stand_id`
LEFT JOIN `stand` AS S4 ON `exhibit`.`ex_pref_four` = `S4`.`stand_id`
WHERE `exhibit`.`ex_user_id` = 1

var_dump of the result

array (size=1)

 0 => 

  public 'ex_id' => string '2' (length=1)
  public 'ex_inv_id' => string '2147483647' (length=10)
  public 'ex_user_id' => string '1' (length=1)
  public 'ex_pref_one' => string '6' (length=1)
  public 'ex_pref_two' => string '14' (length=2)
  public 'ex_pref_three' => string '13' (length=2)
  public 'ex_pref_four' => string '21' (length=2)
  public 'ex_terms_conditions' => string '1' (length=1)
  public 'ex_pref_one_approved' => string '0' (length=1)
  public 'ex_pref_two_approved' => string '0' (length=1)
  public 'ex_pref_three_approved' => string '0' (length=1)
  public 'ex_pref_four_approved' => string '0' (length=1)
  public 'stand_id' => string '21' (length=2)
  public 'stand_no' => string '20' (length=2)
  public 'stand_type' => string 'Gold' (length=4)

But it seems that it only pulls the ex_pref_four through and none of the others Why is that ?

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post the code with query. – Edwin Alex Jan 28 '13 at 10:14
Your code please – tomexsans Jan 28 '13 at 10:14
have you tried stand_id IN (ex_pref_one,ex_pref_two,ex_pref_three) etc... – Dipesh Parmar Jan 28 '13 at 10:17
Ok well i seem to have found a fix like i just have to give each field i want its own Alias but now is there a simpler way to achieve this ? – Dark-Reaper- Jan 28 '13 at 10:52
Not really, because otherwise the query otherwise has no way of determining which join produced the result, and this might be highly relevent to you. – monkeymatrix Jan 28 '13 at 10:58
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First to alias you don't need AS. so you can do it like this:

    ->join('stand S1', 'exhibit.ex_pref_one = S1.stand_id', 'LEFT')
    ->join('stand S2', 'exhibit.ex_pref_two = S2.stand_id', 'LEFT')
    ->join('stand S3', 'exhibit.ex_pref_three = S3.stand_id', 'LEFT')
    ->join('stand S4', 'exhibit.ex_pref_four = S4.stand_id', 'LEFT')
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Awesome thanks yea but you like when you go $this->db->select(' S1.stand_no as stand_one_number, S2.stand_type as stand_one_type, etc... ') that seems to be the only way to get all the data out that is needed – Dark-Reaper- Jan 28 '13 at 11:36
@Dark-Reaper- what do you mean by you like when you go $this->db->select('') ? – mamdouh alramadan Jan 28 '13 at 11:40
@Dark-Reaper- I can't understand what you need exactly!! – mamdouh alramadan Jan 28 '13 at 11:42
and please accept your question answers see here meta.stackexchange.com/questions/23138/… – mamdouh alramadan Jan 28 '13 at 11:47
alramandan when you do it your way it will only pull the data through for exhibit_pref_four and not pull anything else for the others I'm sorry if the question was a little vague but i have got the answer for it now by doing what i said in my previous comment thanks for the help here comes the tick don't worry :) – Dark-Reaper- Jan 28 '13 at 12:24

You need to give multiple joins to the same table a distinguishing reference. i.e.

SELECT * FROM exhibit LEFT JOIN stand AS a ON exhibit.ex_pref_one = stand.stand_id LEFT JOIN stand AS b ON exhibit.ex_pref_two = stand.stand_id

Then refer to the results using those references - you'll see what I mean from the results you get from such a query.

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yes that works but it only gets through the result of the last join – Dark-Reaper- Jan 28 '13 at 10:55

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