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Get-ChildItem ".\Stored Procedures\*.sql" | ForEach-Object { sqlcmd -S ServerName -d     DatabaseName -E -i $_.FullName }

When I run a batch of scripts from a folder with the above command, if a problem persists in the intermediate script (like create/Alter/DROP DML script in between) then it should stop there only and need to give me an error message.

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You'll need to do a few things:

  1. Set ErrorActionPreference to stop
  2. Use the -b parameter with sqlcmd.exe utility
  3. Capture and log or display output of sqlcmd.exe utility

I answered a similar a question on another forum and I've re-posted the answer here:

echo "select 'Good 1'" > C:\temp\scripts\1.sql
echo "select * from missingTable" > C:\temp\scripts\2.sql
echo "Select 'Good 3'" > C:\temp\scripts\3.sql

$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"

ForEach ($S In Gci -Path "C:\Temp\Scripts\" -Filter *.sql | Sort-Object Name) {
    try { 
        $result = SqlCmd -b -S $env:computername\sql1 -i $S.FullName
        $result = $result -join "`n"

        if ($LASTEXITCODE -ne 0) {
            throw "$S.FullName : $lastexitcode : $result"
        else {
            write-output "Success: $($s.fullname) : $result" | Out-File C:\Temp\Scripts\sqllogging.txt -Append
    catch {
        write-output "Failed: $_ " | Out-File C:\Temp\Scripts\sqllogging.txt -Append
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